Top Pests to Watch Out For This Summer

Summer is almost here, and with summer comes fun; lots of fun. On the negative side of it, the high temperatures bring with them pests; a lot of them. This is because the warmer temperatures and high humidity make for ideal reproduction conditions. And to make matters worse, these pests are everywhere! They’ll disturb you when you are outdoors and also when you’re indoors. Almost all pests – especially pest insects – increase in population […]

Rodent at Your Workplace? Try Rodent Traps

Rodents have been on earth long before us, but the consequences of our short interaction during our period of mutual existence has been profound. In the early days, early humans were just another predator that rodents had to avoid, but as man transitioned from a nomad supported by hunting and gathering to a sedentary agriculturist who could be relied upon for food and shelter, the species that could adapted to man-made habitats and started invading […]

Pest Control for Your Business: DIY or get the Professionals in?

Pests are extremely harmful when they invade your business premises. They can damage goods worth a lot of money or even cause your business to lose customers. This is because the sight of some pests in your business premises might tarnish the reputation of your business. Businesses that require high levels of hygiene such as those in the food industry are especially prone to this. Timely pest control, therefore, becomes crucial to your business’ success.