B&G Bulb Duster



This bulb duster can be used for both dust and granule applications.  This includes granular baits.

It’s constructions is a rubber bulb with plastic tips (3 plastic tips included).

The B&G bulb duster holds 1 cup of dust or granules.


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The B&G Bulb Duster  is a heavy-duty precision dust and fine granular applicator. Heavy duty construction and quality will assure many, many years of professional operation. This B&G Bulb Duster has point precision dust delivery, and the ability to deliver fine granular baits (not all dusters are both dust and fine granular delivery capable).

This B&G Bulb Duster fits any service kit and attaches to your belt or to the B&G IPM Bag. It holds about 1 cup of dust or granules and has a cap to seal the duster when not in use. The B&G Bulb Duster is made of natural rubber for maximum flexibility and long life along with featuring a ‘No Gasket’ seal. The plastic extension tubes provide safe crack-and-crevice application around electrical outlets, and one extension can be used as a siphon tube in the bulb when applying granules.

The plastic tips allow for “no worry” application around electrical outlets and equipment. The B&G Bulb Duster comes with two extra plastic extension tips for hard to reach areas, plus a belt-clip.

Tip: When using any type of bulb duster, only fill the duster half-full with dust or fine granules. This will make dusting a lot easier.



Holds 1 cup of dust or granules.

Rubber bulb, plastic applicators.

3 plastic tips and belt clip included.