Electronic Fruit Fly Trap


The Electronic Fruit Fly Trap uses UV light and liquid attractants to attract its prey.

Durable and effective the Electronic Fruit Fly Trap is your next investment.

Complete with the Pestrol Pro 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty (excluding globes and glueboards).


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The Electronic Fruit Fly Trap uses UV light and liquid attractants to attract its prey.

Due to it’s smart and durable design the unit is ideal for the following locations:

  • commercial front of houses
  • commercial kitchens
  • cafes
  • restaurant dining areas
  • bar areas
  • industrial food prep areas

The Electronic Fruit Fly Trap entices its prey in numerous ways. The unit is fitted with UV globes, melon scented glueboards and a liquid attractant. The fruit flies (also vinegar flies and bar flies) are attracted to the trap. The melon glueboards then catch the fruit flies. Wonderfully the unit does all this without your customers being able to see a thing. Which is why the unit, is so suited to commercial environments.

electronic fruit fly

The unit is designed for ‘in-counter’ in commercial units. It can also be wall mounted.


Effective UV Lights – Globes emulate sun’s UV for better trapping

Large Glueboards – Ensuring the product lasts and works for you (Should be changed every 3 months)

Easy to maintain – Simple maintenance, easily completed

Liquid attractant trays – Removable and designed for the bait you like.

Stylish profile design to fit in counter – Including clips that are adjustable for brand advertising

Quality production – Stainless steel and highly durable polycarbonate base

Pestrol Pro Guarantee – 30 day money back and 1 year warranty (excluding tube and starter)



Dimensions – 505 (H) x 120 (W) x 100 (D)

In Counter Coverage – Full counter unit

Wall  Mounted – 30m2

Tubes – 1 x 15 watt (should be changed every twelve months in time for fruit fly season)

Weight – 1.9kg

Code: ZL055

Electronic fruit fly

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