Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station 76cm



This Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station is 76cm tall.

Easy to install and Reusable.

Each silo includes a fly bait tray.



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FlySentry’s genius is in its simplicity.

The patented silo stations dangle tasty bait where flies, well, fly.

The Flies land, touch the bait and then fly away, scatter, and die elsewhere. The results are dramatic without the drawbacks of other methods:

No unsightly trap bags. No unsanitary collections of dead flies. No chemical spraying. No strips. No lights. No zappers.

Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station is a clean and effective tool for commercial and residential applications. It’s sanitary. Discrete. Economical (refillable and reusable). Easy to install. And safe – for people, pets, animals and the environment.

The Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station is a refillable fly bait station. Each silo includes a fly bait tray, funnel and screws for mounting.

Modern fly bait has been around for years, but there has never been an ideal way to house the fly bait. Until now!

Designed by pest control professionals, Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station is effective, easy to use, efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, and safe to use around livestock. Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station is intended to use with modern fly baits, available separately.

Perfect for use in or around all potential fly habitats:

  • horse studs
  • stables
  • equestrian centres
  • dairies
  • piggeries
  • poultry farms
  • feed lots
  • sheep farms
  • cattle stations
  • abattoirs
  • wineries
  • restaurants
  • food manufacturers
  • food stores
  • garbage dump bins
  • outdoor eating areas


  • Rugged, weather resistant plastic enclosure
  • Even bait distribution across the feeding zone
  • Tamper-resistant bait cap
  • Designed for easy cleaning and refilling
  • Simple installation with just two screws
  • Holds and protects fly bait
  • Eliminates area flies
  • Reduces bait waste
  • Protects animals from health hazards of flies


Does not come pre baited.  It is recommended that you purchase Quick Bayt for use in the bait stations.