Heavy Duty Rat & Mouse Snap Trap



This heavy duty snap trap showcases the latest technology in snap trap design.

Ideal for Rats and Mice.




If you’re looking for a durable snap trap that will catch rodent after rodent, then look no further than the Snap-E Trap.

These snap traps are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.  Made from polystyrene and steels makes this trap incredibly durable and easy to clean.  It will resist both stains and odours – meaning you can use it time and time again.

Another benefit is the pre-formed bait cup.  This makes baiting incredibly easy because there is a well defined location for the bait. It also ensures the best position for the kill shot when the trap is activated.

The trap also has an oversized trip paddle – this means it has a great success rate at trapping the rodent regardless of which direction they approach the trap.

The trap sets in one single motion – with a heavily spring-loaded bar and trip to release it.

The spring-loaded strike bar is designed in such a way that its travel time is only half of that of a standard snap trap – this translates into a higher success rate.

The trap also provides a ‘no touch’ disposal upon completion.


‘No Touch’ disposal.

Single motion.


Polystyrene and steel construction.