Invader Ant Bait 200g



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Invader Ant Bait by Protect-Us contains a unique blend of attractants that are designed to enhance feeding in all ant colony development stages. This effectively makes it one of the most advanced ant baits in Australia.

While other ant baits target specific species, this product is effective against an extremely wide range of ant species.  It will target all forms of common ant species within and around the home.

Invader Ant Bait contains oils, sugars and proteins that are mixed together with some unique feeding enhancers, it is also both a highly palatable and highly active product.

Invader Ant Bait is ideal for use around your home, lawns, gardens and can even be used on driveways and footpaths. The product is especially effective around visible ant mounds and can even be used in cracks and crevices indoors where you know ants are present.


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