Nooski Rat Trap



  • Caution !! We advise that the Nooski Rat Trap is lethal to rodents and potentially harmful to non target species. Our best advice is to set Nooski Rat Trap out of reach of domestic animals in particular dogs.
  • Kills everytime – guaranteed
  • Kills quickly and humanely
  • Quick, easy and safe to use
  • No more jammed fingers
  • Safer around children and pets
  • No mess, rodent dies next to trap
  • No rust, stainless steel spring
  • Environmentally friendly, no poison
  • Multi-bait design
  • Bait lasts longer with tunnel design
  • Can be set on ground or in trees
  • Tunnel design reduces trap shyness
  • A complete system, not just a trap
  • Multi-animal design, Target Specific rodents, squirrels etc
  • Designed for domestic and commercial use
  • Made from industrial grade plastics with UV stabilizers, practically indestructible
  • The most competitively priced complete trap system available
  • 100% designed and made in New Zealand




Rat control is a huge problem!

With denser cities, increased food production and issues with waste control, the ideal environments for these pests continues to gain momentum.

It is also becoming harder to control rodents using techniques such as poisons and snap traps, the need for a safer and more effective solution has never been greater.

Introducing the NOOSKI Rat Trap! The World’s First Spring-less Kill Trap!

Developed and manufactured in New Zealand, the NOOSKI uses a patented system and never used before techniques to provide a product that will give you successful Rodent control.

The system uses a rubber latex ring that is fired upon the intruder entering the trap.  Unlike standard snap traps that misfire or only maim rodents, the NOOSKI will not misfire and is lethal each time. 

SAFE – No more jammed fingers and no more poisoning the environment. The Nooski Rat Trap is considerably safer than poisons and snap traps with nothing more than a tingling sensation if released onto your finger. However, as with any kill trap care needs to be taken around children and pets.

CLEAN – No more old bait to clean from your trap or half decomposed rodent to remove. No more poisoned rats dying in your ceiling or under the house. Simply pick up the dead rodent and dispose. The trap will always remain free of blood and potentially harmful diseases carried by rodents.

EASY – Although the Nooski Rat Trap system is made up of several components, the trap is significantly easier and quicker to load and bait than conventional traps. The unique trigger mechanism means no more traps firing off when placed in position, or applying the bait.

VERSATILE – The nature of the unique Nooski Rat Trap design provides for household, lifestyle, farm and commercial applications. Multi fixing design means the safety tunnel can be fixed and left in the environment, with the trigger housing being applied when required.


  • Rodents are extremely shy and suspicious, therefore trapping a rodent requires a little human ingenuity.
  • Foreign objects in their natural environment, whether they be in the forest or the city, they will avoid for up to a week. It is thought that smell, (not sight as rats have very poor vision) is their biggest concern with new objects in their environment.
  • In most cases if a rodent or rodents are proving difficult to catch, it is preferable to set several Nooski Rat Traps within a small area, thus creating a false sense that the Nooski Rat Trap is a part of the natural environment. By leaving the Nooski Rat Trap safety tunnel in their natural environment permanently, they will become comfortable with the Nooski Rat Trap. Rodents acclimatising to the addition of the trigger housing once set, should not take long.
  • If a rodent is proving difficult to catch, try to remove it’s food source and set the trap with the same food e.g. if a rodent is into grass seed in the garage, then put it out of reach and set the Nooski Rat Trap with seed. Don’t put teaser bait round the trap as there is no evidence in tests that this increases your catch. Rodents will simply eat the teaser bait and not enter the trap.
  • Although a rodent will eat practically anything, they prefer meat, fish & cereal. If the food is disagreeable, they develop food shyness. If acceptable, they eat their fill at one sitting and return time after time. Chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, dog biscuits, grain, milk powder and fish meal, all work successfully in the Nooski Rat Trap System.
  • It is recommended not to touch the Nooski Rat Trap once set for at least a week. If you have no luck, try different bait, but don’t move the Nooski Rat Trap.
  • It is recommended to replace the NOOSKI ring every four weeks, although will still be effective for up to eight weeks and more.
  • When setting the Nooski Rat Trap, look for droppings, burrows, runways or gnaw marks on objects. Try to set at parallel against a wall, as rodents typically travel along walls as opposed to crossing open rooms. This also applies to the outside of buildings and in the bush against trees, stumps or fallen logs.


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