Pest Defence Rat and Mouse Block Bait


Available sizes: 210g and 1.5kg

Single feed kill makes for an economical and effective Rodent bait.

Australian made for Australian conditions.



This is a single feed kill to be used for the control of rodents and can be used in all situations against both Rats and Mice.  Developed for Australian conditions and using the highest quality ingredients to ensure it is irresistable to both Rats and Mice.

Pest Defence Rat & Mouse Block Bait uses brodifacoum, this is one of the most potent rodenticides on the market and the product is optimised so you avoid using excessive bait. This makes it a more effective and economical solution.

To increases its effectiveness, each block has several sharp corners providing numerous edges to satisfy the rodents need to gnaw their teeth.  The 15gm blocks have been designed with a central hole and several sharp corners that increase its effectiveness.

Perfect for use in a wide range of areas such as residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial premises.

Pest Defence is a 100% owned and operated Australian Company.



Active Ingredients: 0.05g/kg Brodifacoum

210g & 1.5kg sizes available.