Bird Spikes – 1m


Pestrol Bird Spikes is an effective and humane way of controlling pest birds.  



Bird Spikes are a effective range of precision-engineered bird spikes designed to provide effective relief and humanly control problems caused by urban birds. The upward pointing spikes act as a barrier to the birds not allowing them to land but will not hurt them.  The design provides the solution to anysituation where bird spikes are suitable.

For example, Pestrol Bird Spikes can be used to protect buildings against all forms of birds in a wide variety of situations. From day time perching to night time roosting and from the narrowest of lines to the widest of ledges.

Stainless steel spikes have the longest life expectancy. As well as this birds can not push or bend them out of the way.  UV-protected polycarbonate bases offer safeguard against cracking or breaking through prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.

The Polycarbonate Bird Spikes are far less of an eyesore than plastic ones because they do not reflect sunlight and attract a lot less dust and dirt.  Pestrol Bird Spikes will remain tidy and unobtrusive over an extended period of time.


  • Pestrol Bird Spikes prevent almost all types of birds from perching and landing on your property.
  • Great for just about any application.
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate provides maintenance-free protection for years.
  • Easy to Install – Attach quickly with either adhesive, nails, screws, cable ties, etc.
  • Transparent – Makes them practically invisible.
  • Flexible – Mounts to almost any surface, whether it be flat, curved or irregular surfaces.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Economical – Years of use.

Material: Polycarbonate base and 304 stainless steel wire

Wire Diameter of Spike: 1.3mm

Length of spike: 11cm

Spike Quantity Per Strip: 40 spikes

Protection Width: 6cm ~ 13cm

Base Size: 50cm(L) x 6cm(W) x 11cm(H)

Weight: 91g/metre

Bird Species – Pigeons, gulls, starlings

Bird Activity – Day-time perching, night-time roosting and some nesting areas.

Infestation – From light to heavily infested areas.

Substrate – Masonry, Steelwork (stainless and galvanised), lead, PVC, PPC, ceramic tiles, glass

Installation – Using a suitable adhesive or clip is critical to increasing life expectancy. Follow ‘How to Install’ Guidelines to achieve longest possible lifetime

Visibility (wires) – Stainless steel are far less visible than plastic spikes

Visibility (base) – Low profile base (5mm high) will not be seen from the ground level looking upwards

Base Colour – Slightly cloudy clear base blends well with most surfaces irrespective of the surface colour

Speed of Install -Pestrol Bird Spikes are quicker to install than other bird deterrent systems