Pestrol Insectomator


The Pestrol Insectomator is a sticky board fly trap designed for use where the electrocution of insects is undesirable.



The Pestrol Insectomator is a sticky board fly trap designed for use where the electrocution of insects is undesirable. The unit is only suitable for mounting on a wall. Once installed these units should only be swied off for maintenance and cleaning.

To attract insects, a very special type of fluorescent lamp is used. The insect attractant lamp emits Ultra Violet light at a wwavelength of 357 nanometres, which is particularly attractive to most flying insects. This UV light is invisble only to human eyes, but these lamps also emit a greenish light visible to humans, which has been found to significantly enhance the response of insects to U light. The lamps cease to emit UV light at sufficiently high levels to be effective, after approximately 12 months of use (the lamps must be changed every year) even though they still glow green, for this light alone is not effective at attracting insects.


Intended for use in all food preparation and manufacturing areas where the prescence of flying insects is a hygenie hazard.

This unit is for indoor use only.

This unit is not suitable for use in barns, stables or similar locations, if the unit will be exposed to the weather.

The unit should be placed out of reach of children or infirm people

The unit should not be used where flammable vapour or explosive dust is liekly to exist.

Contact with Chlorine can seriously damaged stainless steel. Avoid using Pestrol Insectomator where there is a high presence of chlorine.



To obtain maximum benifit from Pestrol Insectomator is it most important that the unit is sited in the correct position. The following points should be taken into consideration. The unit should be sited, wherever possible, at 90 degrees to the major light source, e.g. largest window. Avoid sitting too high, ideally the unit should be sited with the base as near to 2m from the floor as possible.

The unit must not be sited so that the light source is obscured; if flying insects can not see it, the unit will not be fully effective.

The unit should not be sited above a food preparation surface, as the intention of the unit is to attract insects away from such areas.

WARNING: To avoid exposure to UV light the unit should be sited 1m away from any operator workstation.



The Pestrol Insectomator is supplied with wall plugs and screws, for mounting the unit to the wall. The unit is supplied with 2m of cable and is fitted with a mains plug. Once installed the mains plug msut always be accessible to allow the unit to be disconnected for maintenance and cleaning.


This appliance must be earthed
This appliance must be fixed in position before electricity is connected
Check that the electrical details on the unit correspond with the electrical supply to which the unit is to be connected. The 13 amp plug has a 5 amp fuse fitted (UK and Ireland). If any other type of plgu is used a 3 amp fuse must be fitted in the plug, or in the connection box fitted with an isolation switch.

If an isolation switch is used it must have a contact separation of 3mm in each pole.



Always SWITCH OFF and DISCONNECT the electrical supply before attempting any work on the unit. The unit is designed to a high standard and built to give many years of trouble free service. To ensure that the unit continues to perform as designed, the unitshould beserviced at least twice per year. One minor service to clean the unit and check the electrical systems. One major service to change the attractant lamps, in addition to cleaning and checking the electrical systems. It is very important that only genuine Synergic insect attractant lamps are used.



The glue board is located behind the front cover, to remove the simply pull it upwards and out of the unit. To replace the glue board remove the protective film that covers the adhesive then slide it back into the unit.


Swich off the electrical supply, before removing the front cover. The front cover is held in position by two screws, whilst holding the cover to prevent it from flling. To remove the lamp, simply pull it towards the left until its free from the lamp holder. Replace with a new lamp by pushing it into the lampholder until it snaps into position.



The body of the unit should only need occasional wiping over with a damp cloth and mild liquid detergent.