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fly light glue trap

The Pestrol Pro Fly Light Glue Trap is the safe and attractive way to catch unwanted flies.

The trap is highly effective, discreet and hygienic.

Specifically designed to be quick and easy to service, the Pestrol Fly Light Glue Trap includes a rear removal of the glue board system. This means you won’t have to come in contact with any of the nasty flies it catches. The trap is designed for use with it’s partner glue boards. The glue boards are pheromone treated and are UV stable. Ensuring that you not only get long lasting glue boards but effective ones.

Featuring a stylish design. The Pestrol Pro Fly Light Glue Trap has been created to domestic and commercial premises.


  • Rear removal of glue boards – ensures easy service of the unit.
  • Unique silhouette – encases flies before they get stuck to the glue boards.
  • UV tubes – longer lasting and increased efficiency.
  • Specially designed glue boards – treated with pheromones, ensuring effectiveness.
  • Stylish design – fits into any commercial or domestic environment
  • Money Back Guarantee – 30 days to give you control
  • 1 Years Warranty – excluding globes


  • Dimensions (mm) – 300 x 190 x 140
  • Area Coverage – 30m2
  • Globes – 1 x 18W
  • Weight – 1.5kg



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