Pestrol Regular Indoor


Pestrol Regular Indoor Dispensor and unit , with Natural Pyrethrins, remove unwanted insects from your home naturally. Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan / Innovair Dispensers. 1 Refill lasts approximately 4-6 weeks!



Keep your area free of insects!

Pestrol Regular Indoor which uses Pyrithrins is a continuous automatic insect killer , it can be used around the family and pets. You can even leave your doors and windows open. Advertised through National Radio and TV . Order your Guaranteed system today.

Pestrol’s Regular unit is the precise electronic dispenser equipped with a computerised electronic system that creates a special micro mist spray – enabling Pestrol to move throughout the entire home, making it a great unit to use 24/7.
PESTROL the insect control system you can trust and it really works. Pestrol Regular can be set to disperse every 5 minutes only.
The refills that you will receive may look different to how they look on our website, they have been digitially manufactured in accordance with our new branding: We are currently getting APVMA approval for this new design to fit our rebranding of our complete refill range. The old label APVMA Approval No: 61350/305/1006 is still our current label:(Pestrol Automist insect killer with Natural Pyrethrins): of which you will be receiving, and will be using.