Pestrol Regular Refill x12


Pestrol Regular Refills, with Natural Pyrethrins, remove unwanted insects from your home naturally. Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan / Innovair Dispensers.

Save 20% if you buy 12 refills!



20% off single refill can price.

1 x Refill will last you approximately 4-6 weeks if the unit is left on continuously.

Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan / Innovair Dispensers. These refills will not fit Pestrol Ultra range of dispensers.

Pestrol Regular refills includes Natural Pyrethrins.

Pestrol Regular refills screw into the dispenser head.

Other refills can often include cheaper synthetic pyrethrins and pyrehtroids.

The refills that you will receive are different to how they look on our website. The shown refill cans have been digitally created in accordance with our new branding: We are currently getting APVMA approval for this new design to fit our rebranding of our complete refill range. The old label APVMA Approval No: 61350/305/1006 is still our current label:(Pestrol Automist insect killer with Natural Pyrethrins): of which you will be receiving.