Pestrol Scare Crow


Looks like a real crow – scares birds away like a crow.

New to Australia – Hundreds sold already.


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Mimicking the appearance and feel of a real crow, the VisualScare Feather Crow is indistinguishable from the real thing to birds.

Hang it upside down to scare away crows and ravens who will be convinced there’s danger nearby.

Hang it right-side up to scare away smaller birds, like sparrows, starlings or pigeons, with the appearance of a frightening predator.


Why choose the VisualScare Feather Crow:

• Effective against both large birds (crows and ravens) and small birds (pigeons, starlings, sparrows)

• Effective control with no noise, chemicals or poisons

• Nothing to maintain (simply hang it and it will start working instantly to scare away birds)

• No need to worry about batteries or electricity (Ideal for high places)

• Portable – take it with you when you’re camping or RVing Top seller.

Whilst we do sell other plastic looking owls etc – because the crow looks so real – there is no question that this out performs anything on the market.