Pestrol Ultra Dispenser – Indoor


Automatic dispensers are what Pestrol Professional knows best. Includes natural Pyrethrins and is guaranteed to work. Start repelling insects around your home or workplace 24 hours a day.



Designed to free your home from insects, bugs and anything that creeps and crawls and in your home! Fully programmable with a wide range of settings. The Ultra Unit Indoor will cover up to 150 square metres and ensure that you have protection from insects and bugs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Unit is attractive in design and light that it can easily be placed upon a shelf on attached to a wall. The Auto mist is made up of Natural Pyrethrins which are sourced from a flower in Tasmania and it is a natural product that is guaranteed to work in your family home. Don’t delay in keeping your house pest free, this Unit is not only only affordable and economical but it is easy to use. A family favourite and best-seller for the last several years the Ultra Unit will cover the following pests: – Cockroaches – Ants – Mosquitoes – Flies – Sand Flies – Fruit Flies – Midges – Silver Fish – Fleas – Moth – Borer (In Flight) – Dust Mites