Protect Us Professional Water based Insecticide 500ml

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Protect-Us Professional Water-Based Insecticide 500ml

Protect-Us is a Professional Water-Based Insecticide 500ml. Industrial strengt Pest Control Solutions for the Home, Business and Farm
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Protect Us Professional Water Based Insecticide 500ml

Pest Control Solutions for the Home and Farm

Active Ingredient: 10g/L deltamethrin

Insecticide Group: Pyrethroid


The Micro-fine Suspension Concentrate of Protect us Professional Water based Insecticide is made of particles less than 5 micron in size. This means Protect us Professional Water Based Insecticide will provide better penetration to treated areas and gives you faster kill effects on insects and spiders because the smaller particles penetrate the insect’s cuticle quicker for fast control

Withstands degradation by sunlight, heat and once dry is unlikely to be affected by rain. The high quality water-based suspension formulation gives outstanding residual performance. Protect us Professional Water-based Insecticide contains NO hydrocarbon solvents and can be applied without any odour.

It leaves no visible residues, so no worries about staining, unless water alone would stain. Approved for use indoors and outdoors, in food handling premises, hospitals, domestic homes and commercial buildings. Rapidly metabolised in plants and mammals making it safe to use in even the most sensitive environments.

  1. Fill the spray equipment tank to 80 – 90% of target capacity with clean water.
  2. Add about 1 – 2L of water to a bucket for small mixture amounts or 4 – 5L for larger mixtures.
  3. Shake the bottle of Protect us Professional Water based Insecticide to ensure product is fully suspended.
  4. Measure out the required amount of product using the tip ‘n’ pour measuring chamber.
  5. Add this to the mixing container prepared at Step 2.
  6. Agitate the mixing container thoroughly and add contents to the spray equipment tank.
  7. Complete filling of main spray tank.
  8. For small hand-held equipment agitate by shaking. For large spray tanks, direct the spray nozzle into the tank.

*See product label for detailed usage rates

For use on non-porous surfaces: dilute with 5 L of water and apply as a coarse spray at a rate of 5 L of emulsion per 100 m2 not exceeding the point of run-off. For use on porous surfaces or for use through power equipment, dilute with 10 L of water and apply per 100 m2 of surface, not exceeding the point of run-off.


Conduct a thorough inspection and apply to known and potential cockroach harbourages. A barrier application around areas where cockroach infestations may be originating is also suggested. Where application of a spray is not suitable it is recommended that a suitably registered gel bait be applied.


Directly spray spiders, their webbing and areas where spiders may hide. It is recommended that webbing be left in place for a few days after application to optimise efficacy.


Where possible locate the nest and spray directly into nest entrances. Penetration of insecticide can be assisted by pre-wetting sandy and porous soils with water. A thorough soaking treatment with insecticide mixture is required to destroy the nest. If nest cannot be located then spray infested areas.


Clean and vacuum infested areas and dispose of dust collected in the garbage in a sealed plastic bag. Lightly spray infested areas concentrating on areas under furniture etc. Treat pets with a suitably registered veterinary flea control product.
*Consult product label for application on carpets


Direct spray to areas of potential infestation eg under skirting boards, and furniture where dark conditions may favour silverfish populations.

Bed bugs

Treat cracks and crevices in bed frames and the adjacent walls.

Bird Mites

Treat infested areas. Inspect roof voids and remove any old bird nest material. A suitably registered dust product is recommended for treatment of roof void areas.

Carpet Beetles

Apply to infested carpets, particularly in areas of little or no traffic, and underneath windows where adult beetles may be entering the building.
*Consult product label for application on carpets

Clothes Moths

Spray surfaces in areas where clothes are stored. Do not spray the clothes.

Houseflies and Mosquitoes

Spray surfaces where flies and mosquitoes are known to rest.
Flies- include external surfaces that are exposed to the morning sun.
Mosquitoes- spray walls, awnings, fences and vegetated areas near to buildings.
Note: A residual surface spray will only control those insects that alight on the treated surfaces.

Stored product insect pests

Infested areas should be cleaned prior to application and regularly cleaned thereafter to reduce food sources for pests. When treating for beetle pests pay special attention to sheltered areas such as cracks and crevices, under furniture and equipment, floors, walls and shelves. Adult moths can be controlled by applying the product to walls and surfaces where the flying adult moths come to rest.

Fivespined bark beetle, Furniture Beetles, Auger beetles and Powderpost beetles

Apply through knapsack or power sprayer at the rate of 10 L per 100 m2 of surface area. For best results apply promptly after felling or sawing operations.