How To Get Rid Of Pest Birds

You’d think them harmless when gazing upon them in the wild, but birds can be a real pain when they intrude into your space. Pest birds will cause a number of serious problems when they move into your property. Some of these problems include: Noise. Birds are very noisy, especially when gathered in large numbers, which can make it hard for you to relax or concentrate on a task. Disease risk. Birds are capable of […]

Top Pests to Watch Out For This Summer

Summer is almost here, and with summer comes fun; lots of fun. On the negative side of it, the high temperatures bring with them pests; a lot of them. This is because the warmer temperatures and high humidity make for ideal reproduction conditions. And to make matters worse, these pests are everywhere! They’ll disturb you when you are outdoors and also when you’re indoors. Almost all pests – especially pest insects – increase in population […]

Rodent at Your Workplace? Try Rodent Traps

Rodents have been on earth long before us, but the consequences of our short interaction during our period of mutual existence has been profound. In the early days, early humans were just another predator that rodents had to avoid, but as man transitioned from a nomad supported by hunting and gathering to a sedentary agriculturist who could be relied upon for food and shelter, the species that could adapted to man-made habitats and started invading […]

Pest Control for Your Business: DIY or get the Professionals in?

Pests are extremely harmful when they invade your business premises. They can damage goods worth a lot of money or even cause your business to lose customers. This is because the sight of some pests in your business premises might tarnish the reputation of your business. Businesses that require high levels of hygiene such as those in the food industry are especially prone to this. Timely pest control, therefore, becomes crucial to your business’ success. 

Methods of Controlling Wasps around Your Business

Wasps can cause a lot of distress when they show up at your premises. It’s even worse when they show up at your place of work. Wasps can disrupt activities and lead to significant loses and injury. The effects of a wasp infestation can haunt your business even long after they have gone due to lost customers. It is, therefore, crucial that once an infestation has been detected it be taken care of immediately. In […]

Home Pest Control – Where to Start

Pests are a source of great distress in every home they show up in. Not only are they a danger to property, they may also be a danger to human health and that of your beloved pet. But even without the danger, pests are just annoying to have around. So, no matter the size or shape of the pest, it is every homeowner’s wish to get rid of these pesky things. And just like there […]

Fly Screens For Summer. Start Thinking Ahead Now

House flies got their name because they love hanging around people; more so in their houses. Apart from being a major annoyance, houseflies also pose a real health hazard to people and animals. These insects are known to carry over 100 types of disease-causing micro-organism, which makes them very harmful houseguests to have. (Source: In warm weather, flies take a very short period to develop – about 7 to 14 days. This means that […]

Cockroaches at Work? Prevent before Control

Cockroaches are not only undesirable to have around but a threat to human health as they can contaminate both our food and indoor environments. Roaches are known to transfer several pathogens mechanically (on their bodies) to humans by contaminating food, surfaces used for food preparation, dishes and utensils. And although it’s not clear the number of gastrointestinal problems that can be attributed to cockroach-spread pathogens, they still remain a valid health concern. This is however […]

Bird Control with Bird Spikes for Your Factory

Although birds are an essential part of our ecosystem, then can cause quite a lot of trouble when they invade human living and working spaces. It is at this point that birds stop being the graceful creatures we admire to pests we need to get rid of. Commercial properties are especially vulnerable to problems associated with pest birds, their droppings, and nests. When birds invade your factory building, they can cause a lot of problems. […]