Electronic Possum Repeller by Pestrol Pro



  • This is the original Possum repeller by Pestrol.  Don’t buy imitations!
  • Mains or battery powered.
  • 12 metre range.
  • Humane and safe.
  • Weather-proof.
  • Remote control is supplied.



Our Possum Repeller is from the original manufacturer. The Pestrol Possum Away uses ultrasonic waves that can be adjusted easily to remove unwanted possums from back yards, roofs or fences. It is an effective and humane possum deterrent.

The effective range is up to 12 metres over a 170 degree arc.

The device can be set to operate day, night or 24 hours with the light sensor turning on the strobe at night. This convenient system allows you to save power and still enjoy one of the most powerful pest control devices on the market in Australia. If you’re looking for effective nighttime coverage, this ultrasonic pest repeller will meet your requirements.

Features of the unit are:

  • Emits ultrasonic sound (inaudible to humans)
  • Comes with Remote Control
  • Settings enable the unit to be transformed into an animal and rodent repeller if required.
  • Frequency can be easily changed by the settings on the unit. (See pictures)
  • Uses 9v / 240V AC transformer supplied
  • Adjustable ultrasonic targets troublesome pests
  • Sensor-activated flashing strobe for deterring nighttime pests
  • Powerful infrared motion sensor accurately detects pests
  • Can operate on 4C batteries (not supplied)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Humane
  • Chemical free
  • Weather resistant
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Fluctuating ultrasonic waves and flashing lights helps remove unwanted Possums from within the area the unit is located.

The unit has 3 settings:

  1. Motion Sensor:  The Motion Sensor will activate the ultrasonic and sonic sounds / lights when it detects an intruder.
  2. Constant: The constant setting will deactivate the motion sensor on the possum repeller. Ultrasonic signals will be sent out continously.
  3. Continuous Sweep:  Random operation. This setting keeps pests on there toes.  The motion detector will deactivate on this setting.  This is helpful for repelling several different types of pests.

The Pestrol Possum Away is perfect for:

  • around your backyard
  • ceiling cavity
  • under eaves
  • campsite
  • garage
  • carport
  • workshops
  • porch
  • patio
  • balcony
  • greenhouses
  • pond
  • barn
  • rooftops
  • food storage.

What’s in the box:

  • Waterproof control box (main possum repelling unit)
  • Remote control,
  • Screws for wall mount
  • 9v transformer with Australian (SAA / c-tick) plug. (2 metres)
  • Instructions


Weight: 0.8kg / 1.76lbs
Height: 13.5cm / 5.3″
Width: 16cm / 6.3″
Length: 8.5cm / 3.4″

Sound waves from 15kHz – 25kHz

 If you are looking for electronic pest control solutions, Pestrol Pro has you covered.