Pestrol Rodent Free



Pestrol Rodent Free uses electromagnetic pulses, ultrasonic frequencies and ionic technologies to rid your home of Rats and Mice.  It will also help rid your home of Cockroaches.

Plug-In technology and chemical free.

Over 100,000 sold across Australia.



As seen on TV and as heard on Radio – this is the original and best selling Pestrol Rodent Free.

Pestrol Rodent Free is your ideal solution to ridding your home or workplace of Rodents safely.  With no chemicals and no traps, Pestrol Rodent Free is completely safe for your family and pets.

It won’t affect any electrical appliances or interfere with wifi.

There are no ongoing costs aside for energy costs which would equate to approximately $8 per year if the unit is left on 24/7.

The unit should last approximately 10 years.

It also comes with a 2 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee.




The unit sends a pulsing or shifting signal through the wires, this is tuned to irritate the pests nervous system.  It makes their environment unbearable to the point where they can not eat, sleep or breed.


The unit will product an ultrasonic sound that is emitted at a pitch that can not be picked up by humans.  This high frequency sound disorientates rodents and the sounds waves are fluctuated so they remain random.


Animals are naturally sensitive to negative ions, the same that occur during a lightning storm.  Animals like Cockroaches and Rodents sense a change in the environment and look for protection away from the ‘storm’.



One unit covers approximately 150sq metres.

Power: AC 220-240/50Hz

Power consumption: 8W (Max.)

Size: H12.5, W7.5, D6.5 cm (appox.)

Ultrasonic wave: Pulsates on / off.

Magnetic wave: Pulsates on / off.