Termite Traps Monitoring Stations (22 Pack)


PLEASE NOTE: Termite Bait is sold separately.


No digging or drilling required.  Place on a flat surface around the perimeter of your home.

Designed to last longer than a decade.

The monitoring stations give a clear signal once Termites have arrived.


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There are 22 Termite Monitoring Stations in a carton, this is enough for a large sized home. Place the Termite Monitoring Stations around the external perimeter of your house i.e. Gardens, paths, near wood piles, etc.

No digging or drilling is required.  This is the simplest and most effective Termite monitoring station on the market.

Termite ‘scouts’ leave the nest to forage for food.  Once they locate the monitoring station that is loaded with Tasmanian Oak (a very attractive timber to termites) they immediately move in.

By placing traps around your house and garden you provide termites with an easy-to-find food source – once they have found the trap, they move in, seal it up, make it their own. Because of the nature of the design and that they hold Tasmanian Oak, the idea is for the Termites to find the Termite Monitoring Stations BEFORE they find your house.

It is recommended to check the monitoring stations regularly for active termites – usually every 2-3 months.

Once Termites are active in a Termite Monitoring Station you can then bait them with Colony Killer Termite Baits (sold separately) and eliminate the colony. After a successful baiting, they can be refilled with more timber so the monitoring cycle continues.



These are some of the areas suitable for placing the traps.

Termite Traps around the house

Around the outside of the house

Termite Trap Expansion Joint

Near expansion joints in concrete

Termite Trap Previous Damage

Near previously damaged timbers

Termite Trap Wood Piles

Near wood and wood piles in garden



The patented design of the Termi-Brick allows you to quickly and easily see which traps have attracted termites – without disturbing them.

Once inside the trap, their instincts drive them to block up the hole with mud.

Once you find traps with this mud “we’ve arrived” signal, this is your cue to start the baiting process.

Termite Trap No Termites

No Termites – Keep walking, check other stations


Termite Trap Termites Active

Termites have arrived – Time to start baiting



Termite Trap Colony Killer Bait contains an insect growth inhibitor called chlorfluazuron.

It is deadly to the life cycle of the termites – but completely safe to you, your family, pets and wildlife.

By using this bait you can kill off whole termite colonies – not just termites that you may have found in and around your house.

Here’s how you do it.

1. A carton of bait includes 10 conveniently sized individual containers. Remove the lid and add 330ml of water.

Termite Bait Adding Water


2. Once the water’s soaked in (no need to stir) lightly replace the lid and remove this disc from the bottom.

Termite Bait opening station


3. The bait container fits neatly onto the top of the trap – you press a little of the bait down into the Trap to get them started . . .

Termite Bait Attaching to trap


4. . . and lightly close the lid… one click on one side.

Termite Bait Closing Lid


The termites take the bait back to the colony where it not only kills them – but the whole nest! It will take multiple feeds but it is the most certain way to kill termite colonies.

You are now an expert in the use of the simple but deadly TermiteTrap.



12 Monitoring Stations Included.

Colony Killer not included (please purchase seperately).