Thorny Devil Spikes – L Section 45cm



Thorny Devil spikes are your ideal fence spikes to preventing unwanted animals such as Possums, Cats, Rodents and Birds.

These spikes are designed to cause maximum discomfort as opposed to harm to the animal.

Easy to install, perfect for fences, gates, poles, pylons, roofs, signs and other structures.



Thorny Devil fence spikes (L Section) keeps property safe from all forms of intruders. These spikes are ideal for deterring intruders and animals from entering your property.

These spikes are your solution to creating a safe space for your family and pets.

These spikes are easy to install and can be used on fences, gates, poles, pylots, roofs, signs and other structures.

They are UV resistant and can even be painted to match any fence colour.

The Thorny Devil Fence Spike (L Section) comprises of a right angled base with dual rows of thorns on top and a single row on the outer side, they can be easily trimmed into strips.  Installation is easy, the spikes can either be drilled, nailed or glued into place.

These are an effective and low cost solution.



450mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 30mm (H) per piece.

UV resistant PVC material.