TopBait Gel Cockroach Bait


Kill Cockroaches with the fastest and most cost effective gel on the market.

Topbait Cockroach gel is cheaper than most but works just as hard!


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Cockroaches killed fast and cost-effectively.

  • Low dose rates
  • Precision applicator
  • Easy to use
  • Plunger for speed.

Topbait Cockroach bait combines an attractive food source and the potent active ingredient (Fipronil)  to control cockroaches at home or at work.

Topbait works within minutes and is now widely acknowledged as the new treatment in Cockroach control for Australian conditions.

Combine this with the domino effect that once one cockroach starts eating and returns to the colony – it is then goodbye to the rest of the gang.

Field testing and lab results show that fipronil can be transferred from Cockroach to Cockroach as Cockroaches readily eat the faeces of other individuals.

Supplied in a 35g syringe cartridge to produce more than 1000 standard 0.03 g spots and kill over a million German cockroaches. (0.03 is approximately 3 mm across)

Recommended application rates: 1-3 spots per m2.