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Pests are a source of great distress in every home they show up in. Not only are they a danger to property, they may also be a danger to human health and that of your beloved pet. But even without the danger, pests are just annoying to have around.

So, no matter the size or shape of the pest, it is every homeowner’s wish to get rid of these pesky things. And just like there are many ways of killing a rat, there are also many ways of getting rid of pets – it just depends on the kind.
There are several pests that are common whenever a home pest infestation is concerned. We shall take a look at each, how to prevent them and how to get rid of them if they make it through your defences.


Rodents (rats and mice being the most common) are capable of causing serious damage in your home. Other than the diseases they are known to carry and transmit to humans and other animals, rats and mice will gnaw away at your valuables. Rodents will eat almost anything in the house including clothes and wire insulations, not to mention your food.

If you do not have rodents in your home, then keeping them out should be your top priority. There are two things you can do to achieve this: store your food properly, and cover any gaps and holes that could give rodents access to your home.

In case rodents have already gained entry into your home, early detection is key. Signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • Rat droppings
  • Rats are seen out in the open
  • And grease and dirt marks on the floor.

When a rodent infestation is detected early, it can be easily controlled before it gets out of hand.

Some of our rodent control products include:

  1. Pestrol Multi Rat Catch (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/pestrol-tricky-trap-for-mice.html) – This device offers an easy yet effective way of capturing rodents in your home. The device is capable of catching several rodents at the same time making it more effective.
  2. Contrac Blox Rodent Poison Bait (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/contrac-blox-8kg-rodent-poison-mouse-mice-rat-bait-8-kg-bromadiolone-blocks-299.html) – This is an anticoagulant that kills mice and rats with reduced risk to other animals. The bait is highly palatable as it’s mostly made from food-grade materials and will kill rodents in just one feed. Bait shyness is overcome as the rodents don’t die on the spot but later.


Due to their resilience and ability to survive with limited resources, cockroaches are hard pests to get rid of. Their ability to breed rapidly could also lead to a full-blown infestation within a few months from a single insect.

To prevent cockroaches from invading your home, high levels of hygiene need to be observed. Housekeeping should be done regularly to deprive these insects of any food. Fixing your leaky taps and faucets is also necessary to eliminate any water sources.

Signs of a cockroach infestation include:

  • Live insects crawling in your home and especially at night when you flip on the lights.
  • Egg cases and cast skins around the house.
  • Cockroach droppings
  • The presence of a foul musty smell.

Our cockroach control products include:

  1. TopBait Gel Cockroach Bait (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/topbait-gel-cockroach-bait.html) – Top bait combines an attractive food source and potent active ingredient that will knock out all cockroaches that feed on it. It kills cockroaches fast and cost-effectively.
  2. Chaindrite Extra Strength Crawling Insect Aerosol Spray (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/chaindrite-extra-strength-crawling-insect-aerosol-spray.html) – This is a professional pest control product that will flush out and kill all cockroaches and other insects from the tiniest of spaces. It also leaves a residue that will continue killing for a long time.


Flies are extremely annoying pests, they breed fast and have the potential to spread diseases to humans and pets. Their indiscriminate feeding habits expose them to a variety of diseases that they will spread through shared food.
To keep flies out of your space, cleanliness is crucial. Cleaning up will ensure that flies have nothing to feed on when they get into your home. Make sure you clean after your pet too.

A fly infestation is very easy to identify as flies can be seen flying around the house. Once identified, you can use either one of these professional products to get rid of them:

  1. Fly Sentry Fly Bait Station (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/fly-sentry-fly-bait-station.html) – This a simple yet effective device that once set up in areas frequented by flies will kill them on contact. The bait station is sanitary as flies will fly away and die elsewhere, does not use any chemical sprays and is discreet.
  2. Protect-Us Professional Water-Based Insecticide (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/protect-us-professional-water-based-insecticide-500ml.html) – This is an industrial-strength pest control solution made for the home, business or farm. It’s quickly metabolised in mammals and plants making it safe to use in sensitive areas such as those for food preparation and around pets.


Ants are not extremely harmful to humans (unless they bite) but their presence can be quite disturbing. Furthermore, due to the great distances they travel as they forage, they might be exposed to diseases that could be spread to you or your pets.

Just like most pests, ants invade your home in search of food and water. It is, therefore, important to make sure that no food is left exposed and accessible to these pests inside or around your home. Clean up spills, vacuum regularly, cover your bins and keep all your food in sealed containers to keep these insects away.

When these insects invade your home, they follow trails that can be easily identified. Once they have been spotted, you can use these products to kick them out of your home.

  1. TEMPRID (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/temprid-75.html) – This residue insecticide concentrate will effectively kill all the ants that find their way into your home. In addition to ants, the insecticide will also kill fleas, spiders, bedbugs and other insects that come into contact with it.
  2. Advion Ant Gel by DuPont (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/advion-ant-gel-by-du-pont.html) – This product targets most ant species and will kill them as soon as they feed on it. The powerful formulation is widely attractive to ants, is non-staining, and maintains its integrity for a long time

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