Rodent at Your Workplace? Try Rodent Traps

Rodent Trap with rodent

Rodents have been on earth long before us, but the consequences of our short interaction during our period of mutual existence has been profound. In the early days, early humans were just another predator that rodents had to avoid, but as man transitioned from a nomad supported by hunting and gathering to a sedentary agriculturist who could be relied upon for food and shelter, the species that could be adapted to man-made habitats and started invading man. These species mostly comprise of mice and rats.

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The impact of these species on humans can range from inconvenient to deadly. A few decades ago, rodents brought with them tremendous plagues and diseases, but thanks to improvements in the sectors of health and sanitation, the threat of disease has been reduced – not eliminated. Rodents also pose a great threat to your property.

Rats will eat food and contaminate the leftovers with urine, feces or fur, and gnaw at other valuables such as fabrics causing a lot of damage. The damage is even more significant if the rodents invade your business premises.

So how do you get these pesky creatures out of your place of work? Well, there are many ways of getting rid of (killing) a rat. A cliché, I know. But the thing with clichés is that they hold true. Poisonous bait is one way, but traps offer a more humane or suitable solution for some circumstances – think areas where dead rats are not desired.

Pestrol offers a variety of rodent traps for you to choose from. Our rodent-trap catalogue includes devices such as:

  1. The Single Catch Rat and Mouse Trap (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/mouse-trap.html) – This trap features a galvanised metal construction and arrives already assembled. This trap is an effective solution for catching annoying rodents in your business. It is safe for humans, pets and even rodents: just catch and release them.
  2. Pestrol Mice Multi-catch (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/pestrol-tricky-trap-for-mice.html) – This trap is ideal for a slightly more established infestation. It has a larger capacity and uses a different mechanism to capture more than one mouse at a time. In fact, the multi-catch mouse trap can hold up to 6 mice at a time. It’s made from galvanised mesh with a strong metal base plate which ensures the trapped rodents do not escape. The trap also features a compact design that allows it to be placed in small spaces frequented by mice.
  3. Pestrol Large Multi-Catch Trap (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/tricky-trap-rats-large.html) – This is a slightly larger version of the Pestrol Mice Multi-catch trap. The larger size enables it to capture both rats and mice with a holding capacity of up to 20 rodents at a time. The trap can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s easy to use, capture, and release rodents.
  4. Mice Device (http://www.pestrolpro.com.au/mice-device.html) – This is an effective trap and release device designed for use in small and narrow spaces. It easily fits in tiny spaces to capture mice when they come out for food.

The device comes ready to use (no assembly required), is easy to clean and like the previous traps, can be used multiple times. The trap is constructed from transparent heavy-duty materials that make monitoring easy.

Rodents can cause serious damage when they invade your business. It is, therefore, important that measures to get rid of them are taken as soon as the problem is identified. Traps offer an effective, humane, yet effective way of getting rid of these troublesome pests from your workplace.

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