Top Pests to Watch Out For This Summer


Summer is almost here, and with summer comes fun; lots of fun. On the negative side of it, the high temperatures bring with them pests; a lot of them. This is because the warmer temperatures and high humidity make for ideal reproduction conditions. And to make matters worse, these pests are everywhere! They’ll disturb you when you are outdoors and also when you’re indoors.

Almost all pests – especially pest insects – increase in population during summer. Early preparation is key to keeping these troublesome creatures out of your way. Let’s take a look at the most troublesome pests that you can expect, and should prepare for, this summer.


According to antwiki.org, you cannot visit or live in Australia without having personal contact with ants. Well, I can’t agree with or refute this claim but one thing’s for sure: there are a lot of ants in Australia. Our country has over 1300 described species and ant subspecies – which is not necessarily a bad thing since ants are beneficial in certain situations. The problem comes in when ants and humans collide. Luckily, only a handful of these species cause trouble to humans.

(Source: http://www.antwiki.org/wiki/Australian_ants)

To ensure that no ants get into your home this summer you should:

– Keep all your food sealed in airtight containers.
– Clean your house regularly especially the kitchen.
– Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink, do them immediately.
– Keep your bins sealed especially those used for food waste.

Some of our professional ant control products include:

  1. Pestrol Orange Guard. Made from natural ingredients, this broad range insecticide kills all crawling insects indoors and outdoors. It’s safe and effective.
  2. Pestrol Food Tent. Summer involves a lot of outdoor activities. The food tent will keep your food safe from ants and other insects.


Mosquito season starts in the spring as the weather begins to warm up and peaks at summer when temperatures are at their highest. This is when mosquitoes come out of hibernation and previously laid eggs hatch. In addition to the painful bites, mosquitoes also spread diseases.

You can avoid an infestation by:

– Clearing overgrown vegetation around your home
– Draining or filling pools of water around your home
– Disposing off containers that could hold water properly.

To enhance protection, you should use professional mosquito control products. Our catalogue includes:

  1. Repello – This is a portable subminiature electronic mosquito repellent that uses ultrasonic technology to protect you from mosquitos. It’s perfect for outdoor protection.
  2. Pestrol Insectomator. This device uses light to attract mosquitoes which are then trapped on glue boards inside the device. It’s quiet, hygienic and effective.


Summer conditions are ideal for fly multiplication so you can expect to see these stubborn pests around. They are not only annoying but also a potential health risk. To keep house flies out your home this summer, you should maintain high levels of hygiene and make sure you do not leave any food lying around.
Some of our fly control products include:

  1. Pestrol Insect Screens. The Pestrol insect screens will effectively keep out all flying insects including flies and mosquitoes. They also allow you to leave your doors and windows open for the much needed cool breeze.
  2. Fly light glue trap. This trap offers a discrete yet effective way of controlling flies in your home or business. It’s chemical free, simple to use and hygienic.

Don’t let pests ruin your summer this year, prepare well in advance to ensure that you are protected when these pests grow in population.


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