Providing Quality Commercial Grade Pest Control Supplies & Advice For Over 20 Years

Pestrol Professional supplies commercial grade pest control products to the pest control industry as well as supplying all the locally sold pest control products. Pestrol Professional is the importer and manufacturer of all its commercial branded pest control products.

Pestrol Commercial is Australia’s number 1 choice for all your commercial pest control products and supplies. With over 20 years in the game, we will send you in the right directions.

From commercial grade bird prevention products, such as quality bird netting, bird repelling spikes and solar panel mesh kits to rodent, mosquito, flies and many more solutions, our experience and expertise continually evolves, presenting industry-standard innovations that have been engineered to deliver the most effective approach to pest control, while taking immense consideration of environmental and safety factors.

Our professional products are extensively researched, professional packaged and come with easy to understand installation and usage instructions.

Why People Choose Pestrol Professional

Simply because we are a market leading, offering quality products and superior customer service.

From our professional advice, affordability, product safety and customer support, Pestrol Professional has an excellent reputation for its products and customer support.

Over the years Pestrol has delivered pest control solutions that have been tested and trusted by 10’s of thousands of customers. Our commercial pest control products have become highly recommended and are amongst the most popular products used in Australia.


Over 20+ Years of Experience

with innovative pest control products

Chemical FREE

insect and pest supplies

Fast and easy Ordering

with exceptional customer service

Fast and easy Ordering

with exceptional customer service

Our Values

Our Mission

To provide quality tested DIY pest control products and solutions to Australians.

At Pestrol, we have an unwavering dedication and commitment to providing cost-effective and quality solutions for DIY and alternative pest control in Australia. We strive to provide the best customer support possible.

Our People

Our people are at the heart of our excellence. At Pestrol, we believe in the power of unity and team strength. This is why all our staff from research and development through to quality control work together to ensure efficiency, safety, affordability and environmental friendliness of our product range. Our customer service focus ensures exemplary support and training on how to setup and use our products for optimal results, as well as helping with any challenges that may arise with using our pest control solutions.

Our vision

To reduce the use of chemicals in the home and to provide effective and humane pest control products and solutions that are safe for the environment.