Insects are massive problems when they invade your domestic and commercial buildings. It might not be possible to completely eradicate them but their population can be reduced significantly. There are many ways to control insects around your home, garden and offices among which keeping things clean and tidy is one. However, this might not be sufficient and you are already on our page to know what we have to offer.

So, do not worry. We have a wide range of insecticides including dust based insecticides, concentrated formulation, granular insecticides, gels and ready-to-use sprays. Moreover, they come in different strengths and concentrations. Be sure to purchase the right one for your purpose.


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Advion Ant Gel


Advion Cockroach Gel by DuPont


Amgrow Fixant Advanced Ant Control Bait


Barmac Dust 2kg


Bedlam Aerosol Spray


Biting Midge and Mosquito Barrier


Chaindrite Extra Strength 350g


Coopex Insecticidal Dust 10Kg


Coopex Residual Insecticide


Delforce Insecticide


Delta PRO 25 Residual Insecticide


Equip Debugger


Gel Applicator Gun


Invader Max Ant and Cockroach Bait 200g


Multi Insect Killer Spray


Pest Defence Rat Bait Station


Protect Us Professional Water based Insecticide 500ml


Protect-Us Professional Granular Ant Bait 200gm


Protect-Us Professional Granular Ant Bait 450gm


Quickbayt Fly Bait 2kg


Quickbayt Fly Bait 350gm


Really Serious! Pro Insecticidal Dust – 500g


Richgro Ant Killa


Richgro Ant Killer Gel


Richgro Bug Killa Granular Insecticide


Scuttle Cockroach Gel


StarrdustPRO ‘One-Shot’ 400g Pod


Temprid 75 – 1L


Termidor® Residual Termiticide