Double Ended Rodent Trap



This is a brand new, state of the art Rodent trap.  With never seen before catching techniques this is surely the most advanced and most effective Rodent trap on the market.

370mm x 125mm x 100mm



This double ended rodent trap is the perfect solution for all your Rodent trapping requirements.  This is the most effective rodent trap available on the market.  Incorporating brand new, never seen before trapping techniques – this is your new guaranteed solution to catching Rats and Mice.

When purchasing rodent traps it is essential that you find one that works. Pestrol’s double ended rodent trap will not disappoint.

The trap gives the rodent the false security that it has an exit point.  However both ends close simultaneously when the trip plate is triggered.  This trap is our most successful yet!


370mm x 125mm x 100mm