Like any other trap, bird traps are excellent and the most popular ways to trap pest birds. We have various pest birds in Australia including Pigeons, Indian Mynas, Sparrows, Starlings, They can easily damage domestic and commercial buildings as well as surrounding places. Bird droppings can make your home and offices look dirty and your public reputation can be ruined.

Our bird traps come for the rescue and make your life easier. You can set up one or more of these traps where the pest birds are frequently seen. You can put bait on the trap and wait until they get caught, after which you can leave them to faraway places. You should check local legislation before you try to control some of the birds as they may be protected by law.

We have a wide variety of bird and other animal traps as per your needs and they are durable, easy-to-use and safer.

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These bird traps will be effective only if you:

  • Observe the location of the bird activity.
  • Setup the traps properly in the places of frequent activity.
  • Put their favourite bait inside the trap.
  • Be patient with birds getting caught.