Advion Ant Gel by DuPont


Advion Ant gel is a new superior ant bait part of the Pestrol Professional Product site that targets most pest species of ants.


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Advion Ant Gel is a new superior ant bait part of the Pestrol Professional product site that targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders plus
additional ant species. Advion ant gel combines the power of MetaActive™ and a widely attractive gel formulation, to present a powerful new tool that controls a broad spectrum of Ants. The translucent, odour-free, non-staining formulation maintains its integrity for long periods, allowing ants to consume more bait over an extended period to achieve thorough control of the entire infestation.


Active Ingredient:

Advion ant gel contains Indoxacarb, a unique active ingredient that is singular in its class of chemistry, the Oxadiazines. This means it performs like no other. This latest technology from DuPont Professional Products is one of only a few insecticides to be classified as reduced risk by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The highly attractant Advion ant gel homogeneous formulation locks in moisture for extended appeal to ants
Powered by MetaActive™ compound impacts all life stages for total colony control.
Advion ant gel is user friendly:
• Reduced Risk Product (US EPA)
• Does not cause skin or eye irritation
• First aid measures – no specific intervention required

• Easy application
• Can be applied to vertical surfaces without running
• Translucent colour means flexible use – Indoors or out.