Pestrol Ultra Dispenser – Outdoor


Pestol Ultra Outdoor is a continuous automatic insect killer including natural pyrethrins that can be used for your outdoor areas. Safe around the family and pets.



Designed to free your home from insects, bugs and anything that creeps and crawls and in your home! Fully programmable with a wide range of settings. The Ultra Outdoor Unit will cover anywhere from 35-50 square metres and ensure that you have protection from insects and bugs whenever you and your family are outside enjoying yourselves. The Unit is attractive in design and light that it can easily be placed upon a shelf on attached to a wall. The Auto mist is made up of Natural Pyrethrins which are sourced from a flower in Tasmania and it is a natural product that is guaranteed to work in your family home. Don’t delay in keeping your entertaining area pest free, this Unit is not only only affordable and economical but it is easy to use. A family favourite and best-seller for the last several years the Ultra Unit will cover the following pests: – Cockroaches – Ants – Mosquitoes – Flies – Sand Flies – Fruit Flies – Midges – Silver Fish – Fleas – Moth – Borer (In Flight) – Dust Mites It runs on 2 AA batteries that are provided. The unit takes the same refills as the Ultra Indoor. Safe for your Pets and your Young family. For Use outside on a patio, in the garden, near a swimming pool; any Outdoor Area in which you would like to cover to ensure that your family stays free of pests!

  • Uses the same pestrol ultra refills for both indoor and outdoor models.
  • Safe around your family and your pets.
  • Includes natural pyrethrins in the formulation that come from Tasmania.
  • Sends an ultra fine mist that doesn’t just fall to the ground like conventional sprays.
  • Covers a 15 x 15 metre external area.
  • Come with a 12 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Turn the Pestrol Ultra Outdoor dispenser on 15-30 minutes before going outside.

When running the unit outside. Place the dispenser upwind – this will ensure the ultra fine mist will come back towards your seating area providing the best pest repelling solution.

The timing settings on the outdoor Pestrol Dispenser are: 30, 60 and 120 seconds.

Always remember to turn off the unit after entertaining to preserve the refill can.

The Pestrol Ultra Outdoor dispenser incorporates a precise electronic dispenser equipped with a computerised electronic system for providing a ultra fine mist for the most effective form of insect repelling.