Australia has over 1275 different species of ants some of which are more common and invade our homes, farms and commercial buildings. Some of these ants include Argentine ants, electric ants and the red imported fire ants are aggressive that can destroy and kill Australian native ants. Especially, the red imported fire ant poses a serious threat to crops, animals, irrigation and electrical equipment. They can even kill lizards, poultry and ground-nesting birds.

It becomes more serious for businesses as when ants begin to invade the commercial building, businesses lose reputation and customers. Businesses such as cafes, restaurants, hospitals and warehouses that handle and sell food-related products are the likely targets of these ants.

Besides, ant control is one of the most complicated pest control activities due to the size and complexity of their colony network. It is easy to attract ants using any bait such as sugar or chocolates but getting rid of these ants permanently is a big job. Early identification and control is key to getting rid of them completely. We have various ant control products that you can use to get rid of these annoying and aggressive ants.

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