Antmaster Ant Killer 125ml

  • 125ml bottle
  • Highly effective against a wide range of Ant species.
  • Kills the queen and the colony.
  • Economical and easy to use.
  • Made from naturally derived ingredients.
  • Clear & Odour free.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Not classified as a poison.


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Antmaster Ant Killer, is a highly effective ant bait for the control of various species of sugar-feeding pest ants. It is ideal for controlling ants that infest both indoors and outdoors.

All worker ants are liquid feeders and most of the commonly found indoor infesting ants have a preference for sugary food types. The product also has a patented formulation which caters for these feeding preferences of the major pest ants and serves up a meal they can’t resist.

Most ants will prefer to feed on Antmaster Ant Killer over most other food sources.

Antmaster Ant Killer is not classified as a poison and with this unparalleled level of safety it is the perfect ant bait to use around your property.

It also has a unique formulation recipe which caters to the feeding preferences of most major pest ants and serves up a meal they can’t resist.

Australian trials have proven that the product acts faster than most other commonly available ant baits. It is perfect for use indoors, as it is a clear liquid and is odour free. One of the best features is that it is also non-toxic.

Ants are liquid feeders and the most effective ant control is achieved with liquid ant baits. Ants may appear to be controlled by using household aerosol sprays, however, these products can actually make ant problems even worse, because they simply cause them to move to infest other areas.  It’s also important to minimise the availability of other food sources such as sugary foods and spillages to ensure bait intake and increase control.

Antmaster Ant Killer is easy to use and apply. Can be applied into small receptacles, such as bottle tops or lids, along ant trails and where ants are seen. Only a small amount of Antmaster Ant Killer (approximately 5ml per ant trail) needs to be applied to the area of infestation.

Combine using with Ant Bait Stations for a safe and clean application.


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