Methods of Controlling Wasps around Your Business

Wasp - methods to control

Wasps can cause a lot of distress when they show up at your premises. It’s even worse when they show up at your place of work. Wasps can disrupt activities and lead to significant losses and injury. The effects of a wasp infestation can haunt your business even long after they have gone due to lost customers. It is, therefore, crucial that once an infestation has been detected it be taken care of immediately.

In addition to the distress a wasp infestation will cause to employees and customers, it could cause fatal injuries to some people who are allergic to their stings. An infestation will have a negative impact on productivity and employee morale. Customers visiting your premises will also avoid coming in as they would fear for their safety.

Behaviour and habitats

Wasps come in various shapes, sizes and colours depending on the species. They do, however, have a few characteristics that are common to all. These characteristics are a pointed lower abdomen and a thin waist known as a petiole. It is this petiole that separates its thorax from the abdomen. These traits make it easy to identify. 

Wasps generally fall into one of two categories: solitary wasps and social wasps. Adult social wasps live together in large colonies of thousands of individuals inside a single nest while solitary wasps live alone and generally don’t construct nests. It is the former type of wasps that can be the most problematic when they invade your business premises jeopardising both employee and customer safety.

Social wasps build their nests in low traffic areas with minimum disturbance and dry, warm conditions. Wasps mostly build their nests in wall cavities, under a building’s roof spaces and eaves. It is here that a queen will construct a basic nest from chewed wood pulp and saliva.

Signs of a wasp infestation

There are several tell-tale signs that will point to a wasp infestation. The most noticeable being the persistent presence of wasps in and around your premises. They might not show up in large numbers, but a few wasps flying around every day could be a sign of a nearby nest. Once the insects have been seen around, try following their flight path to identify their nest’s location. Identifying the nest’s location will confirm the problem and also reveal the magnitude of the problem. That’s the first step in pest control – and it applies to all pests, not just wasps.


Controlling wasps

Controlling wasps can be a bit tricky but with the right products, it can be done easily and safely. Pestrol Pro’s wasp control products will get rid of the wasps around your business to ensure that both your employees and customers are safe as they go about their activities.

Wasp Freeze

With a kill radius of 5 metres, this product will knockdown and kill all wasps in range. Wasp Freeze is specifically designed for outdoor use both for home and commercial environments. With d-phenothrin and d-allethrin as the main ingredients, this product provides rapid takedown and provides residual control to prevent any future re-infestation.

It is this product’s quick-acting ingredients that ensure safety for the user as the wasps are killed quickly before they release a stinging pheromone. The jet spray produced is incredibly effective against adult wasps and their larvae. One aerosol can of 500g is adequate to control two moderately sized nests. Wasp Freeze contains no CFCs and is thus safe for the environment.

Don’t let wasps disrupt your work. Get rid of them quickly and safely before they cause any harm.

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