Pest Control for Your Business: DIY or get the Professionals in?

Pest control for business - Disinfection

Pests are extremely harmful when they invade your business premises. They can damage goods worth a lot of money or even cause your business to lose customers. This is because the sight of some pests in your business premises might tarnish the reputation of your business. Businesses that require high levels of hygiene such as those in the food industry are especially prone to this. Timely pest control, therefore, becomes crucial to your business’ success. 

If you are having a pest problem at your business premises – which everyone has at one point or the other – you’ll have to choose one of two ways of controlling the pest: either do it yourself (DIY) or hire the services of a professional exterminator. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each choice to determine the best option for controlling pests in your business.

Benefits of hiring a professional Exterminator

  1. Professionals are trained in chemical usage. A good exterminator will hold a government approved applicator licence. This will guarantee that the professional has adequate knowledge and skills to handle chemicals safely for both their safety and that of your own.
  2. You don’t have to do it. Hiring a professional to take care of your pest problem means that you do not have to do it yourself. You just pay the fee and someone else comes in and does the job on your behalf.
  3. Better knowledge of pests. Professional exterminators have a vast knowledge of pests and can thus be able to recommend and perform more targeted offensives on the pest that has invaded your premises.

Benefits of DIY pest control

  1. It will save you money. In addition to paying for the equipment and/or chemicals, charges will also include payment for the labour. This is more expensive than doing it yourself as you will not have to pay for your time.
  2. You can choose the pest control products to use. Some pest control products are less effective, or more harmful to your health or the environment as compared to others. With a professional exterminator, you don’t get much of a say as to which pest control products will be used. When you do it by yourself, on the other hand, you can choose the specific products you prefer.
  3. Convenience. Closing your business down for pest extermination could cause significant losses. Doing the pest control by yourself allows you to select the most appropriate time to do it without interrupting other operations.
  4. No strangers inside your business premises. In business, privacy is important. Calling in a professional exterminator will mean letting in a stranger into sensitive areas of your business. Doing it yourself will ensure that no outsiders access your company information.
  5. Learning is easy. Do it yourself pest control products come with straightforward and easy to follow directions which enable safe and easy use. Furthermore, you can get any pest related information and professional advice on the internet. Becoming a pest expert has never been easier.

Although hiring a professional exterminator to control pests in your business premises saves you the trouble of having to do it yourself, the benefits of DIY by far surpass those to be gained from professional help.

At Pestrol, we are committed to ensuring that we provide you with all the products and equipment you require to get rid of pests in your business safely and effectively.

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